Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Knit My First Pair of Socks

I recently learned how to knit socks from a friend of mine. It is a lot easier than it looks. I already knew how to knit, but I did not know how to purl. I had knit several scarfs in the past so that gave me a jump start. I bought my yarn from knit stop for about $9 a skein.  
It came in a multi-colored bundel like this. The yarn makes its own pattern without changing colors. It is pretty neat. It makes the job a lot quicker. Here is what they look like on!
 The socks take 4 double point needles size 3, 3.25mm.  I bought my needles from knit stop for about $10.  They are wooden and came in a pack of 5.  Wooden needles make it easier because the yarn doesn't slip off as easy as metal needles.  It took me about a skein and a half of yarn to make this pair.  The directions to this pair of socks can be purchased at knit stop or from knitting pure and simple. These socks are called Beginner's Mid-Weight Socks #242. Let me know if you have any questions!