Sunday, July 21, 2013

Reason to Sing

This song is so comforting and reminds me that God has never left even though I am swimming around in this world of sin. Constantly on the go and being busy. He is constant and will always be with us. This song makes me feel like I'm walking back in the front door and coming home to my creator. His peace is a blanket over this crazy life we live in. Don't forget to take time to sit in silence and meditate on his word and listen to him. It is almost near impossible to sit still for that long. I know that my time with God is something I treasure greatly, yet don't get enough of it. Remember you will always make time for things that are most important to you. What do you always make time for? 

Smoky Mountain Getaway

Had a wonderful time last weekend in the Smoky Mountains with Inversion [young adult ministry at my church]. We stayed in really nice cabins on the edge of the mountains. The views were gorgeous. I love getting away from the everyday busyness of life and escaping into God's creation and just forgetting about everything that doesn't even matter! I had so much fun hiking and hanging out with wonderful friends and meeting new friends. I enjoyed hiking to some beautiful water falls and hiking up a rock cliff to get views over all of the Smokies. I definitely love living so close to the Smokies. I hope to go back a few times this fall with family and friends. We stayed at Black Bear Ridge Resort. Check it out here.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

P a u s e .

Photo: Blue Mountains, Australia

S  o  m  e  t  i  m  e  s  //

          it's so easy to keep to yourself and stay in your own little world.  However,there 
          is so much more out there. There is so much we can do to change others' lives.
         These things can be so simple!  I know that I need to get better about getting
         out of my box and getting to know others and helping them.  So today I took 
         action.  There are always people selling newspapers on the street corners of 
         Nashville.  I pass them by everyday and they are always there selling papers.  I 
         never take the time to give them a dollar for the paper.  How simple is that?? 
         Today I walked by a lady selling those papers.  I told her I would buy one from 
         her on my way back to the office.  I also asked if she wanted something to 
         drink.  It was so hot out.  She wanted a Gatorade.  I bought her a Gatorade and 
         gave her money for the paper and some for her.  I am writing this to share 
         about giving to those in need.  I want to inspire you to get out of your comfort
         zone and help others.  It can be so simple!  The lady's name was Jamie.  I hope 
         to see her again sometime!  
                               the greatest of these is   L   O   V   E. 
                                                                                                      [1 Corinthians 13:13]