Saturday, August 28, 2010

Illuminated Manuscript

This past spring I took a Medieval Studies English class. As part of our final project, we had to create something to take to a Medieval Feast. I chose to create an illuminated manuscript. I recreated a piece of music called "The Motet S'Amours." The piece can be found in this book by Barbara Rosenwein. 
I used watercolor paper for my manuscript. In Medieval times they would've used animal hide or parchment. I created my own calligraphy ink using an ink stone, ink stick & water. I watercolored all of the little pictures surrounding the music. They would have ground their own watercolors using different berries and other minerals. 
The musical notes were all the same. They did not have half notes, whole notes or quarter notes. They also did not have time scales back then. I found that very interesting. This was a fun piece to work on!