Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From His Perspective

Athens, Greece

So if you're serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, act like it. Pursue the things over which Christ presides. Don't shuffle along, eyes to the ground, absorbed with the things right in front of you. Look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ -- that's where the action is. See things from his perspective. Your old life is dead. Your new life, which is your real life -- even though invisible to spectators -- is with Christ in God. He is your life. When Christ (your real life, remember) shows up again on this earth, you'll show up, too -- the real you, the glorious you. Meanwhile, be content with obscurity, like Christ.
Colossians 3:1-4//MSG

A friend of mine recently went down to Haiti with Heifer International to work on a project called REACH (Rural Entrepreneurs for Agricultural Cooperation in Haiti). The project builds fencing and plants trees. I have a passion for the people in Haiti and I plan to visit Haiti in the near future. To find out more or to donate click here. You can watch the video below about their trip!  

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