Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sydney Siders

4 Mile Beach - Port Douglas, Queensland
I had the opportunity to vacation in Sydney, Australia about a month ago with my parents and brother. It was a wonderful vacation. We spent a week in Sydney and a week in Port Douglas. Sydney reminded me a lot of Chicago. It was a large city, but had different neighborhoods and was easy to navigate. The city was very clean and not too crowded. The Aussies drive their cars on the opposite side of the street and also walk on the opposite side of the sidewalk! I was not expecting that. Sydney has all sorts of transportation to get around. They have metros, buses, monorails and water taxis.

The Gap - Sydney, Australia
Sydney seems to be a very healthy city. Most people walk or bike to work. Others take the metro. I saw a lot of business men and women biking home or running home from work. They would go over the Harbour Bridge to the other side of the city to where they lived. The people of Sydney also seem to be very relaxed. When they are not on their way to work, they dress down. A lot of people wore beach wear and surf gear. Since there are beaches all over the place, they are always ready to hit the beach!

Sydney Opera House
Up north in Port Douglas it was mainly tourists. Port Douglas is a small tourist town. You can walk the entire town in about 20 minutes. We went to a market on Saturday downtown Port Douglas. There was a lot of jewelry and hand-made things for sale. It was a lot of fun looking around. There is a lot of seafood to choose from at the restaurants as well. Port Douglas was very hot compared to Sydney because it is closer to the equator.

Blue Mountains, New South Wales
Port Douglas and Sydney were very different places. It is like comparing Chicago with Maui. You just can't compare the two because they are so different! Port was a gorgeous place. When I picture Australia, Port is what I picture... palm trees, beaches, lush mountains, and exotic animals! Hope you enjoyed the post! I will try to write more about specific things I enjoyed in each city.

Darling Harbour - Sydney, Australia

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  1. Love the post and the pictures. Maybe one day we can visit here together :]