Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Refurbished Dresser

So lately I have been into refurbishing furniture and fixing things up around my apartment. I love all the inspiration I find on Pinterest and other people's blogs. I found this dresser at an estate sale in Nashville. I believe the dresser was around $60 which is a bit high for a cheap old dreser, but I could see the potential it had, so I got it! 

Above is a before picture of the dreser. Fairly simple with five drawers and it also came with a mirror on top which I did not show in the pictures. 

I purchased this 32 fl oz can of Annie Sloan chalk paint at C'est Moi (little botique shop in Brentwood). I love the color Provence becuase it has a shabby chic feel to it and is also just a pretty color in general. 

I decided to paint the entire dresser with Annie Sloan's Old White chalk paint and paint the dressers with Annie Sloan's Provence. Annie's chalk paint is so easy to use. I have never used chalk paint before in my life and I now feel like an expert! I bought a few paint brushes at Lowe's and got to work! Make sure not to buy super cheap brushes, or the bristles will fall out. 

I did several coats of the Old White and several coats of the Provence on the drawers. I used a sanding block that I bought at Walmart to rough up the edges of the dresser and the drawers. I would recommend buying the 32 fl oz can if you have a lot to paint.  I bought 32 fl oz cans of both the Old White and the Provence because I knew I had other things in my aparment that I wanted to paint/redo. I used an old shower curtain to paint on - worked very nicely. 

One of my favorite parts of refurbishing this old dresser was buying the knobs. My cousin had told me that Hobby Lobby has a great variety of knobs so I went to check it out. I wasn't sure weather I was going to get all of the same knob or different types. After I got to the store and saw all of the neat knobs, I went a little buck wild and bought all different knobs. I bought some knobs and also some handles. I took one of the drawers to the store with me to make sure the knobs/handles would fit. Some of the handles they sell do not fit, so taking in a drawer would be a good idea. I also just so happened to get my knobs when they were 50% off. So make sure to go on half off day becuase otherwise these knobs can be a bit pricey. I bought all of my knobs/handles for this dresser for around $40 (that was the half off price). 

This bird knob was one of my favorites! Such a great variety of knobs/handles and other decorating items. I almost walked out of the store with a lamp and mirror but decided I needed to think more before I just purchased random items for my apartment! I have done a few other pieces since this dresser and hope to post them on here soon! 

Here is the final product! I was so surprised by how nicely the Provence chalk paint matched my curtains (curtains from Target). All of my handles are from Hobby Lobby. I would love to hear your feedback/advice on this project! More refurbished furniture coming soon!

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