Monday, September 12, 2011

More than just camp.

This past summer I had the privilege of working at SpringHill Camps down in Seymour, IN.  It was probably the best summer of my entire life.  It was more than just a camp.  It was moving.  It was peaceful.  I loved the people.  I looked forward to waking up for "work".  People were interested in who you were.  They wanted to get to know you.  I could not have asked for more than what God gave me this summer.  A camp focused on him beneath the stars, surrounded by his creation.

Over the summer I spent more time getting to know people, reading God's word and being outside than I probably had any other summer.  I spent less time on the computer or Facebook for that matter.  I got to spend a majority of my time surrounded by God's creation and just feeling him breath into my life.  It was amazing.  The people at camp were dedicated to their work and devoting their life to Christ.  They worked completely and solely for Him.

My job consisted of answering the phone and running the front desk in the morning.  Then in the afternoon I woud run into Seymour to pick up random things the camp needed.  I would get anything from ice pops to horse feed!  It was so much fun.  I loved the 20 minute drive from camp to town.  I would blast the radio and sing praises to God.  I had never really listened to Christian music on a regular basis.  But over the summer I got hooked on K-Love radio station.  It is such a great radio station with positive and uplifting music.

I enjoyed every minute of my time at camp.  I have already gone back two weekends to volunteer.  Everytime I go back to camp I feel the peace of God with me.  It is so joyful to feel.  I love serving God's people and doing it with an open heart.  Hopefully you enjoy reading my blog posts.  I will post more stories that happened over the summer and how God worked through me.

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