Friday, September 30, 2011

A Vision

"For whoever wants to save 
his life will lose it, 
but whoever loses his life 
for me will find it."

Real discipleship implies real
commitment - pledging our whole
existence to his service.
If we try to save our physical life from death,
pain or discomfort, we may risk
losing our true eternal life.  If we
protect ourselves from
pain, we begin to die spiritually and
emotionally.  Our lives turn inward,
and we lose our intended
purpose.  When we give our
lives in service to Christ,
however, we discover the real 
purpose of living.

This winter break I will be
traveling to San Raimundo, Guatemala.
I am going with my church
at Purdue which is
Purdue Christian Campus House.
I will be going with a team
of 17 people.  We
will be building a house for
a famiy in one of the
villages of San Raimundo.
The mission we are working
with is called Casas por Cristo.
I am looking forward
to seeing how God changes
me and how I can change
the lives of the people
of Guatemala.

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