Sunday, January 22, 2012

Guatemala Day 3: Walls & Siding

Some of the girls from the village
Eggs & potatoes for breakfast! Along with rolls. Had to take off sides of the cement slab we poured yesterday. I scraped wood with crow bars & hammers. Then hauled wood from the top of the mountain down to the worksite by way of a congo line. Built sides of walls and interior walls and put them up on the concrete.

Floor plan of the house (16x17')
Ate lunch: spaghetti, tortillas & Chiky strawberry cookies. After lunch took measurements with Joy & Garrett for the siding. Also bonded with Guatemalan children and got a picture with them! (Some of them are scared to get their picture taken -- afraid it will take their spirit) Some of the girls I met names were: Maria, Laura & Sonya. They were so cute and happy! Also talked with the little boys that came to the worksite with us (Byron, Eder & Hosea). They were making "crowns" from pine needles. So cool! And they taught us how to make them. I made a bracelet.

Putting up the walls
Did more siding on the house. The little boys kept yelling my name Rachhhel in a creepy voice. It was funny. Left the worksite at 4pm. Came back and changed. Went to the "store" (more of a concession stand) to buy snacks. Watched the guys play bball at the compound. Ate dinner: rice, beans, steak, veggies and tortillas. Learned a little more about Casas por Cristo. Did show & tell (members of the team talk a little bit about themselves and show a random object relating to their story). Played psychiatrist and signs (group games). So fun!

Thoughts: Why do Guatemalans stare at us and not whisper about it? Why is it ok for tiny kids to run around and even go to other villages on the other side of a mountain? Kids riding on the back of our bus for a free ride. People dressed up at 5pm (tons of people) going to the cemetary? Mayan beliefs? What are they? How are they so content living off of so little? How can they do "nothing" all day? 70% of them are illiterate. Most can't even spell their own name.

Loading up the truck (had to unload/load it each day)
Had to walk up this mountain everyday to get back to the bus! 
A house near the village

Happiness: Phil 4:4-9 - Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me -- put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

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