Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guatemala Day 4: Siding, Rafters & 1x4s

Joy and Myself taking a break 
Breakfast: egg burritos, pineapple, roll with jam. Finished siding, put up rafters and 1x4s for the roof. I helped with the siding and 1x4s. Used the table saw! So sweet.
Lunch: Lo Mein, tortillas, vanilla oreo cookies. Bonded with the kids today. Sang songs to each other and tossed coffee beans back and forth. They have a lot of coffee bean plants. The little Guatemalan girls had me write down my name. They also tried to get my phone number! I drew pictures of things and they would tell me the Spanish (bananas and monkey are some pictures I drew).

Putting on the siding & rafters
They also went to get their English/Spanish Dictionary to help us figure out what our majors were in Spanish. They asked me if I could draw our nation's flag. At one time when I was drawing, there were like 15 kids surrounding me. It was wonderful. They are beautiful and happy children. They are content. Said "adios amigos" to my Guatemalan friends when we had to go back to the compound.

Interior of the house
Hiked the tools up the mountain and then up the hill. Bus ride home is always eventful (passing people, other large vehicles on roads wide enough for one vehicle, bumpy roads). Showered and ate dinner: lasagna, garlic bread and steamed zucchini (the cook is great at making American meals because she cooks for an American).

Putting up rafters
Had in-depth conversations with the team about Guatemalan vs. American lifestyle.  It was really cool to hear everyone's thoughts. Had group show & tell. Played a game of euchre and lost :(

The main road through the village
Daily thoughts: 
1. Is Guatemala really in poverty? Or does it just seem like that compared to the States? 
2. The people seem happy/content... are they? 
3. They don't work/go to school... if they need something they just trade with their neighbor... why can't we live like this? 
4. I envy the Guatemalan lifestyle - I just want to enjoy God's creation and His people...

Matt 5:11

Taken right near the work site
Taken from the rooftop of the compound

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