Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guatemala Day 6: Day Trip to Antigua

Looking out over Antigua - wearing our TOMS shoes
Breakfast: oatmeal. Left for Antigua after breakfast. It was a bumpy 1hr 45min trip. Played euchre on the way. Got to Antigua. Went to see a lookout spot over Antigua with a cross monument. Could see the volcanoes (1 of them still is active). So cool. Drove down into the heart of Antigua which seemed to me like a combo of Istanbul, Maui and Italy. Broke up into 2 groups. Shopping group and cathedral visiting group. Joined the shopping group which Garrett led.

Went to the market to shop! Bought Dad some Guatemalan coffee (50Q), a bracelet for Mom (30Q), a magnet for my collection (20Q), and a headband (20Q). Had fun! Went to look at 3 different churches. Found ice cream on the way. Hung out in the main square. Took long bumpy bus ride back. Had Guatemalan feast (steak, potatoes, sausage, tortillas, and cookies) for dinner. Had the nightly show and tell. Then packed up to leave. Gave most all of my clothes to the school. Trying not to be so materialistic. Now everytime I think about those clothes, I think of Guatemala. And I think how some little girl is wearing them and it makes me happy :)

Lunch in Antigua
Changes to make:

  • Support a Guatemalan child through Compassion 
  • Less Facebook/computer time wasting
  • Less shopping of random stuff I don't need
  • More deep conversations
  • Spend time outside
  • Read the word more
  • Blog more
  • Talk more to family about God
Antigua (active volcano on the right)

Guatemala was a life-changing adventure. I have a new perspective on the world. I can see God in the eyes of the Guatemalan children and in the beauty of his creation. I need to live out my changes. Always thirsting for more of Him. This is the start of something new. I want to incorporate this into my life. Praise God for His love!

Phillipians 4:5 - Let your gentleness be evident to all. The LORD is near.

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