Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Give It All Away

A few weekends ago I decided to participate in the neighborhood garage sale. I had accumulated quite a bit from my four years of college. I had all sorts of random things I would not need anymore. I thought I could make some money and then maybe go shopping with it! The garage sale went well considering no one else on my street participated in it. I made some cash and then debated on wether or not I actually needed the money I made. I knew that I did not NEED the money. I could easily do without it. I decided to give the money to people who could actually use it. I gave half the money to the little girl I sponsor through Compassion International and the other half to Campus Crusade for Christ International.

Compassion International is a great organization. I know that my money goes directly to support my sponsored child down in Haiti. She is provided food, an education and a Christ-centered support system. I love to write letters to her and one day I hope to visit her and her family. Campus Crusade for Christ International (CRU) is an organization that focuses on evangelism and discipleship. They were active on my campus and my roommates were actively involved with the organization. One of my friends will be interning with CRU this coming school year. I wanted to support her mission because I have seen first hand how my roommates have grown through CRU. Check out both of these awesome organizations!

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