Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beautiful Changes

This post I am about to share with you is something I wrote at the end of last summer. It was one of my last days working at SpringHill camps where I worked the entire summer. I worked the front desk at the camp. I had no idea I was going to be working there last summer until about a month before. This camp changed my life. This is something I wrote during my devotional time one morning...

I just lay here and think about how God put me here at SpringHill this summer at the most perfect time. After just studying abroad for a semester some of my choices and ways of living were not pleasing to Him. If you were to be around me during that time you would probably would have never guessed that I was a Christian. I am so glad I got to spend my summer at SpringHill. I have made so many new friends that are on fire for God and are always seeking Him. It is awesome. 

I just think about what my summer would have looked like without SpringHill. I probably would have earned more money at a better paying job. I probably would have gone out quite a bit to the bars. I might have still been talking to my ex-boyfriend. But God has brought me here and I am so thankful. Because now I feel like I am out of that rut in my life. I am learning to find happiness in God and not anything else in this world. 

His glory is all around me this morning. I don't want to leave SpringHill. I know that when I go back to college that temptation will be all around me. I hope that I am able to find peace at school with my friends and with God. I love my time here at SpringHill with God and I want that to continue on. Just laying here in the grass with the sun shining down and birds singing. Beautiful blue skies. His creation takes my breath away. 

SpringHill really did change me last summer. I grew closer to God through my devotional time (something I never really had). It is now part of my daily life. I seek Him out every morning. It is a great jump start to my day. He guides me and shows me where to go. I love listening to KLove on the radio. It is all I listen to now. That is all because of SpringHill. I discovered that radio station when I would run into town on my job. I listened to KLove the whole drive into town and back to camp. It was my time with God and it was simply amazing. This is definitely a job I didn't expect to have. God's timing is perfect. SpringHill was what I needed most at that time in my life and I thank God for that.

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